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Mr. Haresh Kotadia

Mr. Haresh Kotadia is founder of the company. He is an extraordinarily dynamic and self-made business person. He founded the company with the objective of providing cost-effective, high in quality, exotic in designs, safe and highly durable products. He has over 12 years of technical experience as a research scientist of Biomedical Implants. He has made significant original contributions in the biomedical field. His work has been published in peer reviewed journal articles.

Since past 4 years he diversified into RCC precast products. He heads R&D and marketing activities for the company product portfolio. Today, under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Kotadia, company has made a well-known name that is renowned for its quality of constructions, on-time project delivery and well-engineered designs that have emerged as trendsetters in contemporary industry and housing projects. Mr. Kotadia has built company’s reputation on the benchmarks of quality standards, rock solid values and uncompromising business ethos. It is on the values of customer centric approach, robust engineering and transparency in all spheres of conducting business that have today established the company as one of the most preferred names in India.

Darwin’s Theory “Survival of the fittest” is the most appropriate learning which one learns intentionally or unintentionally by birth. So, Innovation and innovative thinking plays a significant role in his career pathway. On personal front Mr. Haresh Kotadia is an ardent Krishna devotee, vegetarian by birth and enjoys the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita. In his spare time, he practices yoga, meditation and occasional work outs.